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Dental Implants Tips

  • You do not need a referral to seek the opinion of any of the dental specialists mentioned here.
  • There is no shame associated with getting a second opinion and most general dentists will offer you a referral to various specialists, particularly if you ask.
  • All copies of your X-rays and records, including study models, can be transferred to another clinician should you wish to seek a second opinion.
  • Some general dentists will do both the surgical and prosthodontic components of your implant crown. Most specialists in either faculty – surgery, or crown and bridge – will team up with either another specialist or the referring general dentist to complete the two stages of this procedure.
  • If in doubt about the formal qualification of any clinician in Australia, please visit the
    practitioner registration section of the AHPRA website.
  • Never assume the status of a clinician as a “specialist” in any field because of their reputation, position or profile within a practice, or based on marketing information. A “special interest”, as it is often termed on dentists’ websites, does not always equate to being a “specialist” registered by the Dental Board of Australia. You are only a specialist in any given medical or dental field if the Dental Board, and in turn, AHPRA, recognises you as a board-registered specialist.

Additional Cost Saving Options
If you are concerned about the rising cost of dentistry but refuse to compromise on quality, there are companies such as WellOne offering discounts of 15%-40% on your dental treatments via an affordable annual membership.

You can research more about WellOne to determine if it’s right for you.

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